Friday, 21 October 2011

Rebecca Cedarwood
Hello! Today I arrive with a Sim made by yours truly! ;P
Rebecca Cedarwood, her looks can be deceiving due to here traits, but my oh my this girl is one diva! With her glorious crimson hair, sparkly eyes and special bone structure that will make any Sim fall to their feet!


Hair (Everyday & Swimwear): Newsea Bohemian
Hair (Formal):Newsea Roam 
Hair (Sleepwear): Peggy #764 - #765
Hair (Athletic): By Anto
Eyes: By Tifa

Make-up: By Lemonleaf
Eyebrows: By Pralinesims

Thanks Guys! Until next time, Bye!
My First Post!

Hey guys!!! Welcome to my blog Le studio Sims!
This is just a little introduction to my blog, so let us begin!
Just to inform you, this blog is about Sims 3 models, families and couples such.
I will be crediting other Sims 3 creators, just through links so you can surf through their blogs or profiles and download their content!

Well anyways, thanks guys!

I hope you're looking forward to some quality models by Poseidon!
Catch ya later!