Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Golden Leaf! Newsea Retexture!

I'm back guys with another retexture I hope you'll all like!
But! I have alpha-edited the clips off although it is still placed in the accessory category of hairs!
Well you know the rest!
Mesh included,
Both versions available,

Adjust-Shine Version: Mediafire

EA Version: Mediafire

Texture by Pooklet.
EA Control by Anubis.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

New Retextures!

Hello All!
Just two retextures for now, Paradise only Adjust-Shine version (There are heaps of EA versions)
Cazy hair both versions available
Meshes included
Enjoy them!

Paradise!!!: Mediafire

Cazy Turn EA: Mediafire

Cazy Turn Adjust-Shine: Mediafire

Texture by Pooklet
EA Control by Anubis

Friday, 17 February 2012

High-school Drainage! Retextures!

Adjust Shine version updated, I was informed that one part of the hair's shine was a bit dodgy! :/

Hey Guys! I have resurrected from the dead to start retexturing again! xD
Anyway, school is such a drainer and it's giving me less time to retexture hair and take previews in the Sims!

Well, thes are for you guys!
Meshes included!
Both versions for each hair available!
Enjoy it!

Newsea Heroine AS: Mediafire

Newsea Heroine EA: Mediafire

Peggy January 2012 Gift AS: Mediafire

Peggy January 2012 Gift EA: Mediafire

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Color Of the Wind?

Hello all!
I'm back at school -.- and retextures may come late, it's my weekend and I gave the opportunity to retexture NewSea's new fabulous hair mesh "ColorOfWind"
Enjoy it everyone!
Mesh included
You can have both versions!

EA Version

Adult: Here
Child: Here
Toddler: Here

Adjust-Shine Version

Adult: Here
Child: Here
Toddler: Here

Texture by Pooklet
EA Control by Anubis