Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Shuju Kim

Hey Guys! Sorry for the long time wait (Busy at school), but hey I'm back aren't I?
Well, anyway I return to you with a sim of mine, she is Asian and her name is Shuju Kim!
Enjoy folks! 

                                                                  Shuju Kim

CC used:

Skin: Lemonleaf
Hair Everyday - Swimwear: Everyday-Newsea Guajira, Formal-Ceriselover, Sleepwear-Alicemadness, Atletic-Bluebird and Swimwear-Dolphin

Outfits: TSR, EA and LL & WM
Eyebrows: Pralinesims
Lipstick: Newsea
Necklace: Anubis Under the Sun
Contacts: Lemonleaf
Blush: Tifa
Shoes: TSR
Sliders: #aWT, Bella3lek4, Johna, Jasumi, Heiret and Hermi
Eyeliner: Bille
Accessories: Lemonleaf
Earrings: Lorandia

Late Night EP required.

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