Wednesday, 23 May 2012

NewSea Lafite!

Hey Everyone!

Back with a quick retex and Alpha-Edit!
Mesh is included and all versions and highlight can be in game at the same time!
So enjoy it all!

Adjust-Shine Highlights: DOWNLOAD

Alpha-Edited Adjust-Shine Highlights: DOWNLOAD

EA Highlights: DOWNLOAD

Alpha-Edited EA Highlights: DOWNLOAD

Texture by Pooklet
EA Control by Anubis


  1. I have a question. What is the difference between this and Anubis? After taking a peek at this particular retexture, there is actually very little difference between this and his other work.

    I just thought I should point that out.

    1. I really don't understand what you are trying to say. I use pooklet's textures that have no "littler difference" between the version he uses, I use a completely different type of texture in general compared to his, I say that the EA control was made by him and that's all I can give credit for. If that was what you were pointing out, that's the only resemblance Anubis and I have, the EA control.

  2. Nice as always :D

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