Saturday, 14 January 2012

Newsea SummerFlavour Retexture!

Hey Guys! I'm back again with another retexture, this hair really needed one because it was my favourite hair mesh created by Newsea! I found out that the mesh is included and this replaces the actual Newsea Hair and you can only choose one shine version! Well, here ya go! Enjoy!

Adjust-Shine: Mediafire
EA: Mediafire

Texture by Pooklet and Anubis .

Eyebrows: GameSir
Eyeliner & eyeshadow is photoshopped, sorry!
Lips: S-Club
Eyes: GamesSir
Face Skin: Ephemera
Body Skin: Ephemera
Necklaces: LemonLeaf (Two links)
Dress: Anubis


  1. Why don't these have more comments!!! Thank you soooo much. I finally found a version that the mesh is not edited. Honestly, there are four other retextures and I love yours the best! ^-^

  2. Oh my goodness! Than you soooo much, you honestly don't know how much that means to me! Thanks for the motivation! ;)

  3. Hello! I just stumbled upon your stuff from my sims 3 blog, and I was wondering if you knew the polycount for these hairs? I'm sorry to bother, I've just got a lower quality graphics card, so I'm avoiding high polycounts. I really enjoy the things I've seen so far! Thank you!