Thursday, 12 January 2012

Newsea Infinity Retexture!

Hey Guys! I'm onto a new road now, and that's to start driving on the retexture road! This is my second retexture done, my first will be uploaded later. I hope all you guys will enjoy it! Bye!

Control by Pooklet and Anubis

Adjust Shine: Mediafire
EA: Mediafire

Eyebrows: Pralinesims (TSR)
Eyes: escand
Eyeliner: emmzx
Lips: Lemonleaf
Blush: EA
Face Skin: Ephemera
Body Skin: Ephemera
Bra Accessory: Icia23 (TSR)
Dress: Icia23 (TSR)
Earrings: VitaSims3
I am unaware if the mesh is included or not, I will search again later (Busy at the moment)


  1. Me again. Love this one, too!

  2. Just a few more minutes and I'll be uploading the new Peggy retexture!

  3. Hey! I dont know if you saw, but you came in second for my model comp! ^_^ If you could, I need the DL link for this sim right here. :)