Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Poseidon's MEGA Retexture Compilation Surprise!!!

Well guys sorry for the long wait! But here are a bunch of new retextures by yours truly! I thought about quickly and I decided to take action and get finished, the reason why this is a large compilation of hair retextures!
It's because unfortunately, I'm heading back to school again...
Well the meshes are included you can have both versions!
EXCEPT FOR PEGGY 240, I HAVE ISSUES WITH HER OLDER HAIRS BECAUSE OF NO BONE FILES! SORRY! :(Peggy hairs are 11-21mb files! Think about installing!

Lydia AS: Here

Lydia EA: Here

Treasure EA: Here

Treasure AS: Here

Peggy 862 EA: Here

Peggy 862 AS: Here

Jenifer AS: Here

Jenifer EA: Here

 DiamondCandy EA: Here

DiamondCandy AS: Here


Peggy 814 AS: Here

Peggy 814 EA: Here

Peggy 240 AS: Here

Peggy 240 EA: Here

Anne AS: Here

Anne EA: Here

Texture by Pooklet
Controls by Me
Model by Anubis


  1. So many hairs. Thank you so much. Great work!

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  3. You are so awesome for doing these hairs for people like me who can't afford to subscribe to everyone.

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